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Bridgeport Public Library

Summer Reading Program 2020

The Bridgeport Public Library's Summer Reading Program is for everyone.  Things are going to be different this year.  Our program is mostly online, but you can still be a part if you would rather not do it online.  To register online, please click one of the links below to get started.  If you would rather report time read manually please print this form and turn in to the library.  You may also call us at 777-6030, email us at, text us at (989) 260-0348, or come to the library to speak to us in person.  If you finish the program and record your time by July 23, 2020 at midnight, you will receive a prize and your name will be put into a drawing for bigger prizes.  You may sign up for an individual account or a family account.  In the family account, each member will be listed for you to record their time.  Let us know if you need help.  Happy Reading!

Family Reading Program:  Read time varies with age.

Adult Reading Program:  Ages 18 & up, 900 minutes (15 hours) total read time

Teen Reading Program:  Ages 13-17, 600 minutes (10 hours) total read time

Children's Reading Program:  Ages 5-12, 480 minutes (8 hours) total read time

Baby/Toddler Summer Reading ProgramBaby/Preschool Reading Program:  Ages 0-4, 240 minutes (4 hours) total read time


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