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Bridgeport Public Library

Services of the Library

Copier Service
We have black & white and color copier service.

Black & White Copies--10 cents per page
Color Copies--50 cents per page

Fax Service
To send a fax:
$1.00 per page

To receive a fax:
10 cents per page

Fax Number:

Notary Service
Notary Public is available at all times.

What is needed:
Documents & ID

Charge for service--first 5 signatures free, after that $1.00 per signature

Internet Service
We have internet service available through a desktop or wireless internet.
There are 21 desktop computers and 8 laptop computers available for public use.
The laptops may only be used by those 18 years of age and older.
You may also bring in your own laptop and connect to the internet using the wireless network at no cost.
Microsoft Office products are available on the desktop computers.
All printing is 10 cents a page for black & white and 50 cents per page for color copies.
A library card or guest pass is needed to log on.  No reservations required.


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